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To add your observation to WhatSpecies, click on the add observation button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Adding an observation comprises 5 steps:

1. Identify it

  • Enter the common name of your observation, e.g. Blue crane
  • If you are not 100% certain of the common name, click on the check box to indicate "I am not 100% sure of the identification".
  • If you know any other common names, even if it is in another language, enter those.
  • Enter the scientific name only if you know what it is, e.g. Anthropoides paradiseus

2. Describe it

  • Add a description of the circumstances of your observation in the field "Tell us more about your observation". What was it that caught your eye? Perhaps you noticed some peculiar behaviour or maybe you were just amazed by the beauty or simplicity of your subject. Tell us.
  • Date observed - when did you take the picture or make the recording?
  • Where - use the Google map locator to place a pin at the spot where your observation as made.This information is important to provide some context around your observation.

3. Categorize it

  • Indicate whether the specimen was observed in its natural habitat or not. (Garden plants and animals in captivity are not considered to be in their natural habitat).
  • Select the appropriate category for your observation.
  • If you are unsure, select "Other"
  • Add some comma separated tags that could help classify your observation further, for example national bird of South Africa, long legs, 

4. Attach it

  • Attach or embed your observation.
  • Attach it by dropping it in the dotted box, or by clicking on "Select Files" and selecting the files from your Gallery or File manager.
  • If you include more than one attachment, all should be of the same observation.
  • Please wait while your files are uploaded to WhatSpecies.
  • To embed your observation from your YouTube or Vimeo account, add the link to your video in the provided field.

5. Publish it

  • Almost done!
  • Please ensure that you are only uploading or embedding content that were recorded by you, or that you have the permission of the rightful copyright holder to publish it on WhatSpecies.
  • Click the check box to agree to the statement.
  • Click on save


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