Reporting spam or objectionable content and actions


You can use the "Report Content" function to report spam or objectionable observations, comments or users.

  • Click on "Report Content" in the lower left hand corner of the observation page you wish to report.
  • Complete the report:

  • The URL from which the report is generated will be populated automatically.
  • Explain the reason for your report in the space provided, including whether you are reporting a specific comment or person.
  • No information will be disclosed to any party as to who made a report.
  • Once submitted, we will review the report and relevant content and act according to our Terms and Policies.
  • The content will still be available while we are reviewing the report.
  • If an observation, comment, or user is found to be in breech of our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Copyright Policy, we will remove the content in question.
  • If a user continuously breech the Terms and Policies, his or her account may be suspended.
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