What may I include in my observations?


WhatSpecies is a community for nature lovers, with the specific purpose of sharing and enhancing our knowledge of the living world around us.

A good observation will provide as much detailed information as possible, preferably with multiple photos from different angles, or a photo and audio clip combination, or photo and video combination. A single photograph, audio clip or video clip is 100% acceptable as well, as long as the species in question is clearly visible / audible in the uploaded content.

A detailed observation makes the job of identifying the species much easier.

It is preferable that all footage should be of animals and plants in their natural habitat. If your footage include animals in captivity, for example in a city aquarium, or a bird park or rehabilitation centre etc. or garden plants or plants in a botanical garden, please indicate that it was not spotted in its natural habitat in the space provided.

Preferably speciments included in your observations should be alive. The only exception that is allowed is where organisms have died as part of nature's cycle, e.g. prey or washed up by ocean tides.

You are encouraged to also submit photographs, audio clips or videos of wildlife in your garden, for example birds, insects, lizards, frogs, fungii etc. Animals and fungi in your garden are considered to be in their natural habitat. Garden plants are not considered to be in their natural habitat.

You are allowed to upload images with your own watermark, as long as the main subject of the image is not obstructed. 

Photos or videos of scenic landscapes (e.g. sunsets) fall outside the scope of the WhatSpecies community. Remember, the purpose of your observations should be to add to the body of knowledge about the living world around us.

Photos, audio clips or videos of people and pets are not allowed.
Photos should not be manipulated (Photoshopped), except for cropping, sharpening the image or changing the brightness. 

No hunting or fishing photographs will be accepted.
Any content you submit must be your own work. You are only allowed to upload other people's content to WhatSpecies if you have their express permission. No images or audio clips copied from the Internet will be allowed. Only your own YouTube or Vimeo videos are allowed. Please respect other people's copyright.

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