Using the content filter


The WhatSpecies content filter is useful for narrowing down the observations displayed on your home page.

The WhatSpecies home page can be filtered to view:

  • All observations, only identified observations, or only unidentified observations.
  • One or more categories of observations.
  • One or more media type of observations.

Here is a simple example. Suppose you only want to review audio clips of unidentified birds and amphibians:

  1. In the content filter bar, select "Unidentified";
  2. Click in the Category field and click on "Amphibians";
  3. Click in the Category field again and select "Birds";
  4. Click in the Media field and select "Audio"

The home page will automatically be filtered to only show you unidentified audio clips of amphibians and birds.

To reset the filter, simply deselect the categories and media type fields and click on 'All'.

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